Composite/Teeth Bonding Sydney



Looking to get one or more of your teeth repaired, but you’re worried it might look unnatural? 

Traditional dentistry techniques tended to involve filling cranks and decay in teeth with unnatural colours and metals. This approach left behind clear signs of dental work. And while these procedures were successful, many patients did not enjoy how this style of bonding made their teeth look.

In modern times, there are new, more customisable dental bonding options. DN Dental is proud to offer high-quality and affordable teeth bonding to the Sydney surrounding area. With over 35 years of experience at our Glebe location, DN Dental has become a permanent member of the local community. We love working with our patients to get the best results while still providing a comforting and relaxing environment.

Restore your teeth with colour-matched tooth bonding


As one of our most popular services, dental bonding is a unique process for every person. Starting with colour-matching the composite material, your dentist will be able to achieve a near-perfect match for the bonding material. After the decayed or cracked tooth material is removed, a liquid adhesive is used to stick the composite bonding to your tooth to repair the damage.

As a leading provider of composite bonding to the Sydney surrounding area, our team has many years of experience ensuring that our patients get the best possible results.

About David Nguyens and Associates Dental Surgeons


With over 35 years of experience working in Glebe, DN Dental is your go-to dentist for dental bonding in the Sydney surrounding area. We take great pride in offering the best possible service to all of our patients, making their dental appointment a truly enjoyable experience!

Interested in learning more about our dental bonding services? Please feel free to reach out to our front desk reception through our website’s online contact form or by giving us a call on 02 9660 1862.