Custom Mouthguards Sydney

 Are you or your child in need of a great sports mouth guard? We’ve got you covered. Dental-grade mouth guards are the best options for anyone looking to keep their teeth safe and healthy during contact sports.

Whether you’re playing high-level sports or are just looking to preserve your smile while playing recreational ball, dental mouth guards are a far superior choice to off-the-shelf mouth guard brands from your local sporting store.

Our team at DN Dental is proud to offer some of the best custom mouth guards in the Sydney surrounding area. Based in Glebe, NSW, our friendly office staff are ready to help you get the best fitting mouth guard available.


High-quality personalised mouth guards


Rest assured that your teeth will be protected from any injury or trauma with a mouth guard that is perfectly fit for your mouth. Built off of an impression mould taken in our office, this mouth guard will fit very snuggly to your upper or lower jaw to keep your teeth safe. There is no better way to get great mouth guards in the Sydney surrounding area!

With 35 years of providing excellent dental care to the residents of Glebe, we take great pride in creating a high-quality product that will be able to perform exactly as intended.

The David Nguyen and Associates Dental advantage

Founded in 1999, David Nguyen & Associates Dental Surgery has been a crucial part of the Glebe community for over three decades. Our team is entirely focused on providing excellent dental services that are compassionate, considerate, and as comfortable as possible.

Interested in booking an appointment for a custom mouth guard? We would love to see you! Please feel free to contact our front end staff through our online contact form on our website, or give us a call at 02 9660 1862.