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Restorative dentistry in Sydney

Dental procedures that help replace missing or damaged teeth are referred to as restorative dentistry. It helps restore a person’s natural smile and prevents future oral health issues. Based in Glebe, Dr David Nguyen & Associates offers this type of dentistry to their patients. With over 20 years of experience and staff that stays up to date on all the procedures and technology, Dr David Nguyen & Associates is prepared to give patients high-quality service for all of their restorative dentistry needs. Whether you need dental crowns or dental bridges, the team is ready to assist you.

Dental bridges in Sydney

A dental bridge is a false tooth called a pontic. Oftentimes, a bridge is necessary when someone has missing teeth. The bridge helps close the opening — or to “bridge” the gap. People who have lost one or both of their front teeth often opt for a dental bridge for front teeth for aesthetic reasons. Partial dentures for front teeth are also popular solutions in these situations. 

Dental bridge treatment is usually made of porcelain because it most closely resembles the look of natural teeth. The bridge works in conjunction with a tooth crown. Sometimes, dental crowns will be on the adjacent teeth to help keep the bridge in place. Other times, a person may have a fixed bridge or implant-supported bridge, which is supported by dental implants.


Dental crowns in Sydney

A dental crown treatment is primarily used for a damaged tooth. It works as a cap for the damaged tooth, preventing further damage. Oftentimes, someone will have a front tooth crown to correct the natural smile and appearance of the teeth. Dentists also recommend having a crown placed over a tooth following a root canal to protect it from bacteria or breaking.

For front tooth crowns, the dentist will use a porcelain crown. Metal has previously been used as material for crowns too — particularly back teeth, though this has diminished in popularity as ceramic options have improved over time. 

There are different types of dental crowns. At Dr David Nguyen & Associates, we will discuss which type is best for your situation and assist you in regaining a natural appearance for your teeth.


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