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Dr David Nguyen & Associates

We combine expertise, commitment and genuine care to create the best possible experience for our patients. Good dental health is vital and we will help you achieve it.


General Dentistry, Restoration and Fillings, Crowns, Bridge, Implants, Veneers and Dentures, Occlusal Splints and Sports Mouthguards. We welcome Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme patients to our surgery.


Our premises are fully wheelchair accessible and can be reached via light rail or bus. There is metered and unmetered parking in the vicinity. You can find us just a few doors down from the Glebe Library @ 200 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, NSW, 2037


Glebe dental care that the locals trust

At Dr David Nguyen and Associates, we believe that regular preventative dental care is the best way to maintain your oral health. We are a boutique Glebe dentist that has been servicing the local community with quality dental care for over 35 years. Our dentists are committed to providing all our patients with expert advice and genuine care across the wide range of dental services we offer. Timeliness and professionalism are key values of our practice — we complete treatments for our patients on time and at a consistently high standard.

Our range of services provide quality dental care

Our practice provides a range of cosmetic treatments and quality dental services for patients in the Glebe community. In the event of an emergency, our schedule is also able to accommodate emergency dental procedures — our staff will handle acute dental procedures to provide immediate relief from pain.

For better long-term oral health, we recommend that our patients receive regular cleaning and check-ups to remove plaque build-up. This also helps to identify cavities and other decay before symptoms become severe. To maintain healthy gums, regular periodontal care will prevent gum disease, treat halitosis and improve your overall oral health. We perform simple treatments like plaque removal and cleaning of the gums, through to more extensive treatment like dental implants, root coverage and pocket-depth reduction. Patients that suffer from toothaches can receive endodontic treatments like minor root surgery and root canal therapy. We also offer cosmetic whitening and filling treatments, dental implants and dentures to enhance the look of your smile and the capability of your teeth.

We are a conveniently located dentist on Glebe Point Road

If you’re looking for a convenient dental clinic in Sydney, Dr David Nguyen & Associates Glebe practice is wheelchair-accessible and easy to access via public transport. Catch the light rail or the bus, or drive and enjoy free parking in the nearby vicinity. There is also paid parking directly outside the facility. For your convenience and to ensure quality care, our dental clinic is open from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Get in touch with us today to devise your personalised treatment plan.


Why is DN Dentist the best dentist in Glebe & Sydney?

Founded in 1999, DN Dentist has been providing high-quality dental service to residents of Glebe. As one of the best dentists in Sydney, our team always puts the patient first. We combine expertise, commitment and genuine care to create the best possible experience for our patients.

To learn more about our dental practice, please feel free to visit our services page. Whether you’re looking to have a routine dental check-up or are in need of emergency dental work, we would be happy to provide you with the excellent dental care you deserve.

What type of dental services does DN Dentist offer?

We are proud to provide a wide variety of high-quality dental services to all of our patients. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Routine check-ups and teeth cleanings
  • Crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Endodontics (root canal services)
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Denture fitting, moulds, and adjustments
  • Same-day emergency dental care

How can I contact DN Dentist for a consultation? 

We are taking new patients! Our dentists have the capacity to take on new long-term patients for those looking to achieve continuity in their dental care. Serving residents of Glebe and Sydney, our dental team is available for same-day emergency appointments as well as pre-booked scheduled consultations.

To book an appointment with our team, please feel free to fill out our online contact form on our website or give us a call at 02 9660 1862. Our receptionists will be happy to get you booked into a convenient and timely appointment.

Who makes up the team at DN Dental?

DN Dental is proud to staff three high-quality dentists, all from unique backgrounds and schools of training.

Our founder, Dr David Nguyen, graduated with his degree in dentistry from the University of Sydney. Instead of becoming a dentist in Sydney, Dr Nguyen decided to move to Glebe, where he founded DN Dental in 1999.

Our other two dental associates, Dr Michael Hui and Dr Nibir Hossain, each come from unique personal and clinical backgrounds. Dr Hui completed his dental training at the University of British Columbia, Canada, before moving to Australia. Dr Hossain grew up around Sydney and graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiology prior to starting this career as a dentist.

Combining our unique areas of expertise and experience, our team is always working hard to provide our patients with the best dental experience possible!

How much do dental services cost with DN Dentist?

At DN Dental, we strive to provide our patients with an excellent dental experience that doesn’t break the bank. With this in mind, we accept valid employer and personal insurance coverages to ensure that every patient is able to receive the care they need.

Prior to seeing the patient, it is not possible to estimate the cost of a dental procedure. Costs for our service are determined by a wide variety of factors, including the type of service, appointment duration, and pre-existing patient medical conditions. Our team of receptionists will do their best to break down costs to prevent any unexpected costs.

How often should I book an appointment at DN Dentist?

On average, we recommend that people visit their dentist every six months for a routine teeth cleaning and dental assessment. Equally as important as an annual physical, taking good care of your oral hygiene is essential for excellent overall health.

If you experience dental pain or discomfort prior to your scheduled appointment, please do not hesitate to change your appointment to a sooner time. We want to help you feel your best, as soon as possible!